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Sundays: March 26 - April 30

Join us for Elevate, a local speaker series featuring a diverse range of professionals and entrepreneurs sharing their insights and strategies for improving your life. From unlocking your God-given potential to enhancing your well-being, Elevate offers practical tips and powerful inspiration for personal growth and transformation.

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Sunday Mornings at 10:30am

Snacks and refreshments provided

Kregg Ochitwa

March 26

Owner & Founder

North 49 Physical Therapy

Growing up playing sports Kregg saw that many teammates who got injured either did not know what to do or were given bad advice, causing them to remain on the sidelines for too long. With that in mind, he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Physical Therapy. Since then he has treated the weekend warrior with creaky knees, professional football players with concussions, to those who wake up feeling dizzy. Believing he could significantly impact the Saskatoon community in 2010, he took a gamble and left a long-term, stable job to open North 49 Physical Therapy.

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Gene Eberley

April 2

Executive Coach

The Personal Growth Centre

Gene has over 25 years’ experience in Coaching and Leadership supporting personal development, business growth and building functional teams to create corporate culture and trust in business. After 30 years in the Financial Services Sector, and a stint with the NHL, Gene realized that he could best support his clients as a leader guiding them through the steps to successfully achieve what they were looking to do.


Gene believes the answers that people tend to look for are inside them. As a coach, he works to find out what is happening in your world and make stress an asset rather than a deterrent. This starts with understanding your potential and formulating your own path so you can find your purpose in life. 


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Wainewright Noble

April 16

Intellectual Property Specialist

University of Saskatchewan

Wainewright was born and raised in Guyana, South America, along with one older brother and a younger sister. His socialization and Christian underpinning developed in him a love of equality and justice, the law and a deep desire to have a positive impact on the social fabric of society. He completed his undergrad in International Relations, with a focus on international law and moved to Canada in 2011 to complete his Masters of Public Policy. Wainewright is married to the fabulous Sonia Reid Noble and has two beautiful daughters, Aria and Ailia.

Jacqueline Almeida

April 23

Leadership Educator & Coach

Alpha + Omega Strategies

Jacqueline is a dynamic leadership and mindset coach, keynote speaker, co-author, and the owner of Alpha + Omega Strategies. Jacqueline works with Business Owners and Company Leaders on 4 areas of Leadership and mindset: Organizational Health, Conflict Management and Resolution, High Performance Teams, and Leadership Consciousness and Mindset.

Although born and raised in New York City, Jacqueline has spent the last 28 years living in the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan. Through her own story of struggle, resilience, and triumph - Jacqueline has learned that in this life and in business, one must act on the stirring within and take leaps of faith. She has an unwavering belief that we must find our greater purpose, our vision, and embark on the path unapologetically, finding and trusting our way.

Jacqueline holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Management and draws much from her 25 year experience as a Consultant, Educator, Mentor, and Coach. Having assisted and encouraged influencers from all walks of life and professional industries, she now uses her quiet wisdom, enthusiastic teaching style to inspire leaders through Alpha + Omega Strategies.

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Kaitlyn Cey

April 30


Inspire Our Nation

Kaitlyn is an author, speaker and certified leadership coach. She is the Director of the youth empowerment organization, Inspire Our Nation. Her experience teaching, pastoring and coaching has grown her passion to empower Christian leaders to live spirit-led lives personally and professionally. Learn more about Kaitlyn at