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Join our amazing circle of supporters that practice monthly generosity

that makes the work of Connect possible

We give it all away!

Did you know that we give away 100% of our Sunday morning offerings to a variety of global/local charities? We’re able to do this because of the amazing Circle of Supporters that help fund the operations of Connect. This means that new people can give freely knowing that all their donation is going to Causes that are doing amazing work both locally and abroad. If Connect is your community, join our circle today


  1. Online Giving: To give online by Visa, MasterCard or American Express by following the link above
  2. Cheque: Mail cheques to Connect Church 601 2nd Ave N Saskatoon, SK S7K 2C7
  3. E-transfer: Send to

***Please be sure to select/write which cause you would like to donate to, whether you’re donating online, via cheque or by e-transfer. If nothing is selected or written, then your donation will go directly to the Connect Foundation.

pray with us

  • For our pastors and staff team as they lead our community toward health, acceptance, and spiritual formation.
  • That God would provide contractors and tradespeople who will help us develop our new office space which will include a place for people to gather, learn, and be cared for. If you’re wanting to help out
  • For our fundraising Golf Tournament on June 22 that will help raise money and awareness for the work we’re doing at Connect.
  • Our Cause Partners both local and abroad that are doing amazing work to help the vulnerable, poor, and needy.