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About Us

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We focus on three things:


We believe that a clear and individual faith connection is the most vital aspect of life to figure out, and often the most overlooked. We also know that Jesus invested a lot of his life, and most of his words, not on the religious elite or the spiritually sophisticated, but with very regular, ordinary, every day kind of people.

People just like you, me, and our neighbours.

It’s simple. We believe that anyone and everyone can have a meaningful and personal spiritual journey, regardless of their past, or present, circumstances. We also think that the church should be the very best place for anyone and everyone to find that faith.

On Sundays at Connect you'll notice we place a very high priority on sharing Jesus’ message of simple faith in relevant, easily accessible ways, spoken in common, everyday language, with very practical life application. We believe that God really does want to connect with each of us, and we will do our best to not get in the way of that.


At Connect, we place a high emphasis on growing deep, meaningful relationships. We believe that we're not meant to walk through this life alone but to be in community and to walk together in every area of life, especially in the arena of spirituality and faith.

How Jesus lived out the daily rhythm of his life clearly set a high value on developing great relationships. He touched thousands of people’s lives in great crowds from a distance, and he invested his time and energy in just a few close friends. Those relationships were life transforming.

We think that the church should be known as a place where great friendships can be found, and where those relationships can develop and flourish. We also believe that a significant aspect of developing faith in our personal lives will happen in great part because of our closest friends.


We know that Jesus spent an extraordinary amount of his life, energy, and time on those who were in great need. Much of his life was spent healing the hurting, feeding the hungry, and releasing the oppressed, people who were enslaved by the darkest parts of life. Showing grace and love to people in need is what a great part of his life was defined by.

We believe that the church needs to be about all these things as well. For that reason, Connect will spend what may seem to be an over-balanced amount of time, energy, and money on meeting the practical needs of people who find themselves in great need. We want to make a significant impact on the plight of marginalized people in our city, our country, and in our world. The idea here is to spend less time and energy and money on internal operations of the church organization, so that we can spend much more volunteer time, energy, and money focused externally.

This is a clear and high calling that God has placed on us as a community of faith. Therefore, it is a high priority for us.

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