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5 Things to Look for In a Church

Discover why Connect stands out as the perfect place to connect to God, Other, and to a Cause

Choosing a local church: 5 key factors to consider

Are you looking for a church that aligns with your values, provides opportunities to grow in your faith, and makes a positive impact on the world? Look no further than Connect Church. In this blog, we’ll outline five key factors to consider when choosing a local church, and explain how Connect stands out from the rest.

1. Biblically-Inspired Teachings

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a church is its teachings. You want to make sure that the church you attend is inspired by the Bible and that its teachings align with your own beliefs enough to cause growth but not so much that you’re never challenged. At Connect, we believe that the Bible is the living word of God which means that it’s effective at pointing us toward truth at every stage and season of life. We find inspiration in many areas of life and believe that God is speaking to us with a variety of voices.

2. Strong Community

Another key factor to consider when choosing a church is the strength of its community. A strong, supportive community can provide a sense of belonging and help you grow in your faith. At Connect, we believe in building relationships and creating a supportive, loving community where everyone is welcome.

3. Opportunities for Service

A church should also provide opportunities for its members to serve others, both within the church and in the wider community. At Connect, we have a strong commitment to giving back through our Cause Partner program, and we encourage our members to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others. Check out the bottom of this page for a cool bit of information about Connect you might not know!

4. Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is also important in any group of people. You want to make sure that your church is led by people who are knowledgeable, experienced, and have a heart for serving others. At Connect, our leadership team is made up of dedicated individuals who are committed to helping our church thrive and making a positive impact in the world. Let's also be honest that sometimes church leadership is out of touch with real life for a number of reasons. At Connect, we put a high priority on equipping and empowering real people in positions of leadership and it starts with our lead pastor. Luke is about as average and normal as they come and he regularly provides wisdom and insight that is applicable to many people from many different walks of life. Check out one of his recent sermons here.

5. Relevant and Engaging Worship Experiences

Finally, you want to make sure that your church provides relevant and engaging worship experiences that help you connect with God. At Connect, we believe in providing music that is both meaningful and dynamic, and that connects you with God in a powerful way. We also believe that all music has the power to inspire and move us closer to God, not just "spiritual" music. So come prepared to hear a variety of music from passionate and talented people.


When choosing a local church, it's important to consider factors such as its teachings, community, opportunities for service, effective leadership, and relevant and engaging worship experiences. At Connect Church, we believe that we have all of these qualities and more, and we invite you to come and see for yourself why Connect is the perfect place to connect with God and grow in your faith all while reducing poverty both locally and abroad.

PS. What's a Cause Partner?

100% of the donations given to Connect Church are directed to our Cause Partners, local and global charities that are doing the hands-on work of making a positive impact in the world. Our Cause Partners are carefully selected based on their alignment with our values and their commitment to making a difference, and we believe in supporting their work through both financial resources and volunteer time.

In addition to giving money, we also strongly encourage our members to get involved and plug into the work of our Cause Partners. Whether it's through volunteering, fundraising, or spreading awareness, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. We believe that when we come together as a community, we can have a real impact in the lives of others and bring hope to those in need.

So if you're looking for a church that is more than just a Sunday morning gathering, but a community that is actively making a difference in the world, Connect Church is the place for you. Come and join us as we work together to make a positive impact in the lives of others and bring glory to God.