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Kids Connect

what we offer

We think kids are awesome

Kids Connect happens each week and we have fun! Each week the kids will get checked in and head into the service where they are able to participate in worship. After the kids are dismissed they head upstairs to our kids area where there are a bunch of different activities - from crafts/reading/colouring/games. We strive to have an inclusive fun environment for the kids!

How check-in works

Before Service: We work on a self check-in system. Find your child’s name in the database, you and your child will be given matching name tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion while you hold onto the matching tag. There will always be a Kid's Connect volunteer to help answer any questions!

After Service: After the service is complete, you can come upstairs to pick up your child(ren) - remember to bring your matching tag!

During Service: In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we will text you. We ask that you exit immediately and look for a staff or team who will direct you to your child’s room.

Babies Babies Babies

We know that it's hard to pluck up the nerve to go somewhere new... especially a church... especially with a baby.

But we want you to know that babies are no problem. If your child starts to fuss, we're fine with it! We just ask that if your child is crying or throwing an ever-loving tantrum (we get it!) just step out into the lobby where there are big windows so you'll still be able to see.

Sometimes just stepping out for a moment is all you and your little one need to reset.

But don't stress about us, we love kids!


If you have any questions about our Kids Connect experience or visiting Connect with children, fill out the button below 👇